Tutorial Torn Paper and Text


I made this tutorial for you to show how to make a torn paper with text.

1. Open a new document, size 3600x3600 and fill it with black
2. Create a new layer and fill it with white

 3. Go to filter –noise- add noise.

 Make the amount about 20 %, Gaussian and Monochromatic

 4. Go again to filter – Blur –Gaussian Blur.

Make the Radius about 5 px

5. Pres CTRl or CMD + B to open the color balance. Slide the yellow to about – 50

6. Open your lasso tool, go to one side of your document and draw a unregular line to the other side and continue drawing around the document until it connects with the starting point

7. Click on the layer mask button which creates a layer mask on your paper texture

 8. Go to Filter Gallery – Brush strokes – Spatter. Choose about 25 for the spray radius and 15 for the smoothness
9. Make a copy of this layer, CTRL or CMD + J

10. Press CTRL or CMD + L to open the levels window and slide the input midtones to 0.65 and the output highlights to 244

 11. Open your transform tool, CTRL or CMD + T, go to a corner and press shift and drag out.

12. Press die up arrow key to move it up and the left arrow key to move it left. Press enter to accept the transform

 13. Make the top layer mask active and go to filter – Blur– Gaussian blur. 

We blur it by around 2 px

 14. Click on the lighter layer and make it active, click on the FX – drop shadow

 Use this setting:

 I hided the black paper so you can see the effect better: 
15. Save it as psd file , so we can use it again.

 These steps are optional. If you want to use your above created light gray paper, leave it like it is. I prefer to use one of NBK Designs Canvas papers.

1. Open the paper 
and clipp it in the light gray texture layer. Go with your cursour between the 2 layers of the paper and light gray paper.Press the ALt key on your keyboard. It the cursor shows you a little square with an arrow left click on your mouse.
I darkened the paper a little bit to make the contrast between the paper and the torn paper more visible.

2. I also want another background, not just black. Open a paper of your choice and replace the black layer with it.
Now we go on to add some text
 16. Now we add some text on it.
17. Open your type tool . Go to one corner of the page and drag a square over the whole page.

18. Copy a text or write your own journaling .Make it about the whole page, but think we torn the text like the paper

19. Click CTRL or CMD and click with the mouse in the thumbnail of the layer mask. Now you have a selection around the torn paper

20. Click on your layer mask icon , make sure your text layer is still active . Now click on the chain link near the layer mask. Now you can move your text

and this is my page. I have changed my background , don´t wonder
 Anything is Possible {Paper-Set: Solids} by NBK Design
September {Paper-Set: Canvas} by NBK Design
Anything is Possible {artFlowers} by NBK Design
Artsy Bit-Printable No.003 Vintage Scripts by NBK Design
Laugh Often {Alpha Chipped Paint} by NBK Design






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