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Space night by NBK Design

This is NBK Design´s part of the Mini O´s at oscraps

A Mothers Love Collection by Dawn inskip

This Collection was designed in honour of Mothers in every sense of the word - Mothers Day, Birthdays, but more than that - the everyday moments of our lives.  Everything is absolutely suitable for generic pages and projects... check out the inspirational pages from my CT attached to this product to see how they have used it.

this is my page made with a  pic pixabay/Fifaliana

Wonderful by Pinkadoo Design

This is Pinkadoo Design´s part of the mini O´s at oscraps

 this is my page made with a pic from pixabay/jill111

Call it spring by Lara´s digi world

They are now on sale :

my page with a pic from pixabay/greyerbaby

Photo editing with Artistic Filter (Dry Brush)

This Tutorial was made by Marianne one of the CT members of NBK Design and was a technique challenge at oscraps
- First the preparation of the photo with the filter(s) on it.
- And second the Blending/painting of (parts) from that photo back in with a Layermask.
Note in this tutorial I worked with CS6! (So that is what you are going to see on the screenshots) I know that if you have the latest versions of PSE you can follow it too! I will give you some info after the Photoshop tutorial so you can work with it too!

To get a kind of inky/grungy effect like this I used the Dry Brush from the Artistic Filters in the Filter menu.

So open up your photo in a new document in Photoshop! Look at the photo you are going to use! Note don’t use a photo with a low resolution, or a very busy unclear photo. I used a portret photo with no distractions behind it! I made a Smart Object from my photo (rightclick on the layer-Convert to Smart Object) , I did that to be able to go back later and change an…